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Only available in bulk, ask fot the conditions.

Koi food for the young Koi. At this stage of life the body is formed, the backbone and gills develop depending on the administered nutrients. For proper growth and development includes feeding a high protein percentage and extra vitamin C. The balanced content of natural minerals, trace elements and added vitamins strengthens the immune system and vitality.

Young Koi several times a day and up to 2% of feed per kg of body weight carried. Ingredients: Protein 48%, Carbohydrate 20%, Ash 8%, Crude fiber 4.0% Crude fat 13%, Fish Meal, Carotenoids, Spirulina, Clay Minerals, Vitamin A 20,000 IU / kg Vitamin B3 1500 IU / kg Vitamin E 200 mg / kg, Vitamin C 140 mg / kg.