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Musashi, Three Seasons is a maintenance food for your Koi from spring to autumn. It contains a balanced blend of quality ingredients. These contribute to the health and beauty of your Koi. The feed can easily be used by itself, but provides the best results in combination with Musashi Color Enhancer and Rapid Growth. Adjust the amount of feed to the pond temperature and the fish in your pond You enter this food at a water temperature of 8 ° C. At lower temperatures, you can use Musashi Wheatgerm.


Carbohydrates 43% Protein 33%, Ash 7%

Crude fiber 4.0% Crude Fat 4%, Fish Meal

Soy, Astaxanthin, Clay Minerals

Vitamin A 10,000 IU / kg

Vitamine B3 1500 IU / kg

150 mg vitamin E / kg

Vitamin C120 mg / kg