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verloop-rapid-growthMusashi Rapid Growth Koi Food is a special composite feed that focuses mainly on growth in koi. A Balanced mix of growth-promoting substances. The protein content contributes to the much desired supply of amino and fatty acids needed.

The high degree of uptake and digestion of food also offers better growth results. This growth food can be used ideally  during the summer when the metabolism is optimal and the effect off growth will on its best. You enter this food at a water temperature of 10 ° C. can be combined with Musashi Color Enhancer.


Protein 38%, Carbohydrate 31%, Crude Ash 8%, Crude Fat 7% Crude fiber 3%

Fish meal, Carotenoids, Wheat Germ, montmorillonite clay

vitamin A 10,000 IU / kg Vitamin B3 1200 IU / kg Vitamin E 140 mg / kg, Vitamin C 160 mg / kg