Musashi Silk-worms English

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Musashi Silkworms are Japanese silkworms of the highest quality. Musashi Silkworms can be fed during the summer to your koi. Musashi Silkworms can be added in addition with other Musashi products several times per week as additional forage. Silkworms contains a lot of proteins, which are good for the growth of your koi. To optimize the digestion of the silkworm, you soak the silkworms in warm water a half an hour before using them, this will make the Silkworms softer. Musashi Silkworms do not contain any dyes, fragrances and/or preservatives. Which makes Musashi Silkworms a 100% natural product.

Dosage: With degree 2 or 3 times a week in the summer months.
Important: Do not feed below 15 degrees water temperature .