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Musashi Economy Mix is a Basic nourishment for your koi, it can be fed through the whole year except for the winter months. It contains a balanced blend of high-quality ingredients. These contribute to the health and beauty of your koi. It is possible to mix the Musashi Economy Mix with Musashi Color Enhancer and / or Rapid Growth. The daily amount of food depends on the number of fish in your pond, and the pond temperature.
You feed Musashi Economy Mix at a water temperature above 8 ° C.
Musashi Wheatgerm can be used when the temperature is lower.


Ingredients: Carbohydrates 42%, Protein 36%, Ash 6.5% Crude fiber 3,0%, Crude fat 8%, Fish meal, Fish oil, Soybean, copper 5 IU/kg iron 42 mg/kg Vitamin A 10,000 IU/kg, Vitamin B3 1500 IU/kg Vitamin E 150 IU/kg, Vitamin C150 mg/kg.

Musashi Economy Mix is ​​available 10 kg. bags, grain size 4-4 ½ mm.